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To ensure that replacement number plates are 100% road legal for road use in the UK they must be made to British Standards (BS AU 145e). Our unique selection of shapes, sizes and text styles allow bespoke registration plates to be created, and lets customers buy replacement number plates online. Whether you’re looking for a simple front number plate or a complete set, when it comes to replacement plates, we can help.

Replacement Number Plates on Car

We give the freedom to have some fun with number plate replacements and give options that allow them to be tailored to a particular vehicle or personality. We offer solutions for replacement short plates, motorcycle plates, or quick fixes for trailer needs. Well-equipped with the latest tools and hardware, we provide plates of the highest possible quality. Our replacement number plate maker can be used to buy number plates online today. Don’t forget if you have any questions about our registration plate replacement service, our replacement car reg plates, or any of our registration plates, then you can easily contact us via email or social media.

Where Can You Purchase Replacement Number Plates?

We understand that various circumstances may lead you to seek replacement number plates
promptly. When the need arises, you might find yourself frantically scouring the internet for
“replacement number plates near me.” Fear not, for we are here to offer a stress-free
solution that allows you to purchase replacement licence plates from the comfort of your

Our premium-quality personalised replacement plates add a luxurious finishing touch to your
newly acquired car, motorcycle, or caravan.

It’s important to note that while the DVLA sells registration marks, they do not supply
registration plates – that’s where we come in!

Build Your Replacement Number Plates

Replacement Plates on Audi

Can You Buy Replacement Car Number Plates Online?

Absolutely! As a registered supplier, we are committed to providing optimally manufactured
replacement number plates, ensuring that you avoid any unwanted costs or fines resulting
from displaying damaged or unreadable plates. Plates that do not meet the required
standards can lead to MOT failures and fines of up to £1000, making it crucial to replace
your number plates promptly.

The British Standard for number plates is BS AU 145e, effective as of September 1st, 2021,
replacing the previous BS AU 145d standard. As the leading UK supplier, we are well-
positioned to handle these changes and continue offering legally compliant replacement
number plates for years to come. Please note that show plates, characterised by their playful
nature, are not governed by DVLA regulations.

How Much Do Replacement Number Plates Cost?

Curious about the cost of replacement number plates? Look no further! We stock some of
the most competitively priced replacement plates online, starting at just £10.98. Explore our
extensive range of add-ons, plate types, and text styles to create 100% road-legal
replacement registration plates for cars, motorcycles, caravans, or trailers.

For those seeking a truly personalised touch, consider adding optional extras like badges
and borders. If our competitors offer something we don’t, reach out to us, and we will work
tirelessly to find a solution for all your new number plate needs.

Effortless Ordering with Our Number Plate Builder

Placing an order for our number plates couldn’t be simpler, thanks to our user-friendly
number plate builder. Designed for ease of use, the process involves entering your
registration, selecting desired add-ons, and placing your tailored plates in the basket. We
also prioritise your peace of mind by offering a selection of fitting kits for your new vehicle
replacement car registration plates.

No matter your requirements, we are confident that we can supply you with the most
affordable replacement number plates available.

What Style of Number Plate Do You Need?

At Number1Plates, we take pride in our diverse range of licence plates. From standard
replacement car number plates to square or large rear sizes, suitable for SUVs, our stock
caters to a wide range of vehicles. We also offer model-specific plates for a contoured fit.
Different materials, text styles, badges, and borders are at your disposal when replacing
registration plates online.

Our state-of-the-art technology, including UV printers and laser-cutting machinery, enables
us to manufacture entirely bespoke replacement UK number plates. Coupled with our
catalogue of helpful number plate accessories and guides, we provide everything you need
to confidently replace your car’s number plates. Check out our very popular range of 4D Plates and 3D Plates to really make a statement.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Providing you with the best possible shopping experience is our foremost objective at
Number1Plates. That’s why we strive to dispatch your number plate order on the same day
it’s placed on our website, contingent upon the timely provision of required documents by

Why Choose Us for Your Replacement Licence Plates?

Here’s why you should consider Number1Plates for your replacement licence plates:

  • Premium Quality Selection – Our range of new replacement registration plates is of
  • the highest quality.
  • Road Legal Compliance – All our plates adhere to British Standard (BS AU 145e) for
  • complete legality.
  • Extensive Style Choices – Choose from a vast array of replacement reg plates to
  • create a bespoke, custom number plate.
  • Competitive Pricing – Our prices start from just £10.98, ensuring affordability.
  • User-Friendly Plate Maker – Our easy-to-use number plate maker simplifies the
  • customisation process.
  • Swift Delivery – Next-day delivery is available for orders placed before 3pm.
  • Secure Fitting Kits – Optional fitting kits offer added convenience.

Should you prefer to collect your plates in-store, we offer a fitting service for a small fee of
£5. This saves you the hassle of drilling holes or ensuring your bumpers are ready for sticky
pad application. Simply ask a member of our helpful production team to assist you in
purchasing a number plate or number plate replacement.

Explore Our Personalised Registration Marks

In addition to our extensive range of registration options, we now offer personalised
registration marks, from suffix number plates to cherished registrations. Add a touch of
sentimentality to your replacement plates, making your shopping experience even more

What’s New in Replacement Registration Plates for 2023?

The registration plate industry is constantly evolving, and we are committed to staying at the
forefront of these changes. We continuously strive to develop new styles and specifications,
ensuring that your order stands out and meets your unique preferences. Here’s what’s new
for 2023:
Enhanced 4D Text Styles – Our improved 4D text styles offer a sleeker and more
luxurious product, with a uniform depth of 3mm.
Expanded Range – We now offer custom shapes and sizes, broadening our range to
include replacement motorcycle plates and unique shapes for Range Rovers.

Replacing Your Car Registration Has Never Been Easier

At Number1Plates, we are not just your destination for number plate design options; we
also boast an extensive collection of over 50,000,000 private number plates. Whether you’re
in search of a brand new registration or require replacement licence plates, our detailed
search facility is here to assist you. Our highly skilled in-house team possesses extensive
knowledge of the number plate market and offers a “Done For You Service,” ensuring a
hassle-free experience.

Order Your Replacement Number Plates Today!

Whether you need to replace both number plates or just the rear one, Number 1 Plates is
your one-stop destination for all things related to number plates. We are dedicated to serving
you with excellence and efficiency. Order your replacement number plates today, or get in
touch with us to discuss buying a new registration plate online.


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  • Amazing Customer Support Team
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  • Next Day Delivery Available
  • 100% UK Road Legal Plates

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