Short Legal Number Plates Online

Short Number Plates Online

Custom Sized Short Number Plates Made Using the Latest Laser Cutting Technology!


What are short number plates?

Through huge requests and demands from our customers, coupled with us integrating the latest laser cutting equipment, we’ve started to produce and supply custom sized short number plates. Though we are unable to change character sizes or alter character shape we can lower the width of the plates to match the length of your registration. This means that the neater, more compact shortened number plates will take up much less space on your most prized possession. Make the most of your new private registration with these tidy short plates. If you would like to take it further and add ‘V’ cut sides, or an oval finish, be sure to let us know and our helpful customer service and manufacturing teams will do all they can to fulfil your wishes! Whatever you needs, when it comes to buying a shorter number plate, we’ve got you covered.

Short number plates on ford

Are short number plates legal?

Are you sat there thinking “are shortened number plates legal?”. Then wonder no more, because shortened plates are absolutely legal! Like all of the products that we manufacture, our small number plates are completely road legal. The size that we can laser cut the plates too would depend on you registration, once we know that we can get to work creating the perfect cut down style for you and your vehicle. If you need something completely bespoke and not part of our smallest legal number plate range, then take a look at our custom number plates page.

Whether you are looking at small front number plates or small back number plates, Number 1 Plates can help with all your legal short number plate requirements.

Are short number plates DVLA approved?

Yes! As long as they meet the correct spacing, along with meeting the required British Standards, then all of our shortened number plates are completely in line with laws and regulations. Cut down number plates offer a brilliant legal way to reduce the impact that a registration plate can have on your vehicle.

What size should a number plate be?

For a full sized registration, the legal size is 520mm x 111mm. This is the most common type of registration plate that you seen on the roads in the UK and all new vehicles display this style. Should you personalised registration be smaller though, then you are able to purchase shortened registration plates. We offer a number of different sized legal short number plates, with the largest being a slightly shortened seven letter plate, and the shortest license plate being for four letters. The sizes for these are as follows:

  • 4 Characters: 287mm x 111mm
  • 5 Characters: 348mm x 111mm
  • 6 Characters: 409mm x 111mm
  • 7 Characters: 470mm x 111mm

So, if you’re looking for road legal short number plates for a certain number of letters, then we can definitely help!

How much are short license plates? 

Our shortened reg plates start from as little as £30 for a set of front and rear plates, and can be designed on our short number plate maker. On our Plate Builder, you’ll be able to design your own short car number plates,  with various styles on offer including standard printed, 3D Gel and 4D Laser style. Whatever you need, we’re sure that we have cheap short number plates to suit every requirement. Why not see for yourself?

Short Gel Number Plates

Just like the rest of our range, we can offer fully road legal 3D Gel short registration plates! If you’re after short reg plates which really catch the eye, then 3D Gel and 4D options definitely fit the bill. They’re particularly striking if you have short private plates on your vehicle! Of course, we also offer other options including 4D Laser variants. But if you want a short license plate, you should definitely buy from Number 1 Plates. We have years of experience selling short number plates UK wide.

348mm Short reg Plates

Need more info on our short number plates for sale? Get in touch.

Short private number plates 

If you’re looking for short private registrations, then you’ll want to head over to our Private Registrations section. Here, you can search for and browse millions of options, including short reg plates formats like prefix and suffix style registrations.


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