The Best ’22 Registrations

Out with the old and in with the 22!

With March 1st 2022 dawning upon us, we know that with it comes a whole host of new registrations. New cars manufactured will now automatically have the 22 plate put upon them.

If you are wanting to display a ’22 registration on a vehicle, then the vehicle itself will need to be brand new. However, to actually own a ’22 registration then you don’t need to! You can own a registration and keep it as an investment, or even perhaps you’re waiting a few years to get a ’22 plate car. The registration world is your oyster!

There are close to 1,500,000 ’22 registrations available to purchase, so we trimmed them down for you to highlight our personal favourites! (Please note, when there is a ‘?’ this means that there is no particular digit we have chosen. You could find an initial to add in these spaces, say a surname or a special character. For instance ‘AD22 AM?’ Could be; ‘AD22 AMS’. ETC)

If you’re struggling to find your perfect registration, feel free to get in touch with us here at registrations@number1plates.com or alternatively take a browse through our 60,000,000 strong database to find yours today!

Happy Searching!

22 REG 122 REG 222 REG 322 REG 422 REG 522 REG 5


If you see one which you like the look of… don’t waste any time! Type the registration into our specialised registration search to find it. You’ll have to snap it up quickly however, as once they’re gone, they really are gone!


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