Who Are The Worst Drivers In The UK?

It’s a topic of hot debate, and has probably been so since the very first drivers took to the roads. Everyone believes that they are up there with the very best drivers on the roads and are quick to pick out the mistakes of other drives. But, who really are the worst drivers in the UK?

The popular insurance comparison website GoCompare wanted to know more, and conducted a study to look deeper in  to what people think and who is to blame for the most incidents that take place on UK roads. In the study 2000 participants were asked questions about who they perceived to be the crooks.

For what ever reason, you will more than likely disagree if you drive one yourself, BMW drivers were given the worst reputation from age groups between 18 and 44. They same age groups actually have the highest percentage of BMW owners within them, so maybe its the increased population that means there is a parallel increase in poor drivers? There’s some hope.

The older age groups though, still believe that the much reported on ‘white van men’ remain the worst drivers on the road. Again, the Ford Transit got top spot for most purchase van last year, meaning that there are quite simple a huge amount of them on the roads and unfortunately, not all of them are going to be tremendous behind the wheel. Then being said, incidents on the road involving vans has fallen by 2,000/per year in the last decade.

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GoCompare have said that although van usage, milage and sales have all increased in the last 10 years, companies that use them as a mode of transport and deliveries now offer more driver training and fleet management programs, meaning employees have all of the need knowledge and experience to keep themselves and other drivers safe.

The DVLA also released data on drivers in the United Kingdom to highlight where the worst areas are for vehicle related offences that lead to driver having points put against their licence. Though the crime details weren’t given, that data still speaks for itself. Any for deciding where you would like to take a b-road around on your travels.

If you’re reading this from Blaby in Leicestershire, then “STOP AND KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD”. A huge 39% of drivers in this area have points on their licence for some kind of reckless driving related offence. From there we recommend that you take a detour through Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, where a nice 0% can even out your odds and give you a feeling of tranquillity after living on the edge in Blaby.

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