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It’s highly likely that unless you’re an absolute petrolhead, you’ll probably have never heard of British sports car manufacturer Noble. But that doesn’t make them any less important than other manufacturers, and of course, they still have to display number plates as required by UK law!

Founded in 1999 by Lee Noble, a British entrepreneur, car designer and engineer, Noble built just 12 cars in its first year. They have continued to be an independent, low-production volume manufacturer and still to this day only build around 50 vehicles per year. Each Noble is built by hand, with those involved in the crafting process paying careful attention to their work. 

Every Noble car is built to the customer’s chosen specification, much like an expensively tailored suit. With various customisation options available, it’s highly unlikely that any Noble is the same as another. 

Over the years, Noble has offered a number of different options, including the M10, M12, M400 and more recently the M600. Currently, there are three variants of the Noble M600 which are the Coupe, CarbonSport and Speedster, with each one offering different options and performance figures. If you’re wondering about the price of one of the great British supercars, then a Noble M600 will cost you around £200,000. 


What size are Noble number plates?

All Noble cars are able to display standard UK size number plates measuring 520mm x 111mm. However, we may be able to create a bespoke Noble number plate which seamlessly fits to the rear of the vehicle using the very latest number plate building technology. If you would like a custom Noble license plate, then head over to our Plate Builder or contact us if you need further assistance.


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