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Novelty Number Plates for Fun

Having number plates purely for vehicle use is just the beginning. We are able to add anything to a number plate be it your name in number plate font, a family picture to have in your garage, or a  pretend number plate for your truck, there’s very little that we can’t do. Number plate signs are growing ever more popular and you can get yours delivered to your door as soon as tomorrow!

Why buy your fun number plates from us?

With our fake, fancy and decorative number plates, the possibilities are endless, whether you want help to create your personal design, or if you have an image you would like to send over to us we can work with that too.

  • Many colours & fonts available, coloured backgrounds, images uploaded on all of our fancy plates.
  • Please call and let us know what you want if you can’t design what you need on our Plate Builder.
  • If you want something really funny or naughty then we are the people for you!
  • Go on have a laugh and we’ll make whatever fun number plates you desire!
  • Remember a Novelty Show Plate is no affiliated to the DVLA. Novelty plates are not registration numbers to drive down the street with!
  • Please contact us via phone or email to discuss your design, we are always happy to help.
  • If you’re looking for something a little more serious for your vehicle, check out our cherished plates.

We can manufacture pretty much any design you could wish to display in your window, bedroom, garage or anywhere else you may wish. All of our number plate shapes double up as perfect guide from your signage needs. Here’s an example of what we can do!

Novelty Show Plates Example


  • Intuitive Plate Builder
  • Quality Assured Plates
  • Flexible Customisation Options
  • Amazing Customer Support Team
  • Super-Fast dispatch
  • Next Day Delivery Available
  • 100% UK Road Legal Plates

Start Building Your Plate Now!

Build Your Plate in Minutes with Our Unique Online Plate Builder. We have plates in all Shapes and Sizes for all Vehicles. Fully Customise Your Plate!