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Tractor Number Plates and Reg Maker

The laws are still enforce for Agriculture, make sure you have the right tractor number plates!

Just like for all of their vehicles which use the public highways, farmers should use registered plates for their tractors. Tractors are used in ploughing, tilling, clearing bushes and maintaining landscape. Laws requiring registration of vehicles, including tractors, have existed in the United Kingdom since 1904. Also known as farm license plates, they are made of a reflective metallic or plastic material and are usually fastened at the tractor for legal identification purpose. The law specifies that farm tractors should have plates fixed at the front and rear. Each registered plate consists of a unique numeric or alphanumeric code that identifies a tractor. Farmers plates for tractors, quadbikes and even 4 x 4’s are available from us here at Number1Plates.

How do I buy a tractor registration plate?

You can buy a tractor number plate from a registered number plates supplier such as Number1Plates. We offer quality products with a three-year warranty to customers who want to purchase a singular rear tractor plate or a set of front and rear tractor plates for their heavy duty farm machinery! Being in the motor industry for over nine years, Number1Plates understand your needs when it comes to number plates.

Our services are officially permitted and comply with the British standards for number plates. All we need is for you to provide the correct documentation to process your order. This is a legal requirement which has been put into place by the DVLA, to combat road crime such as vehicle cloning.

Prices for our tractor registration plates start from just £10.99! To create your perfect tractor number plate design, head over to our intuitive Plate Builder and get creating today!

Does a tractor need a number plate?

As a farmer, you should understand that it is illegal to have an unregistered tractor. You can use your tractor not only on the farm but also in transporting farm harvest. The transportation of farm produce is achieved via public roads. When you have a registered tractor, it is easily identified if it breaks the law or is involved in an accident. You must have a clearly visible tractor license plate on the front and rear sides to avoid fines from authorities. Also, it is vital that your tractor has plates in the case of emergencies such as theft as they can help with identification. We’re also able to offer vintage tractor number plates for any farmer or tractor owner who has a classic tractor stored away in their barn!

Private registrations for farmers

We know that some farmers out there like to display private registrations on their vehicles. Whether it’s a set of inspired ‘farm plates’ with animals or animal noises as the suffix, such as MOO or DOG, or something a little more personal to them, we have a range of personalised farm number plates we can offer! Head over to our Private Registrations page to find your ideal farmer number plate today!


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