Pressed Metal Number Plate


Product Description

There are more options when it comes to designing your perfect pressed metal number plates. From badge and border specifications to alternative text styles you can create something bespoke to your on our number plates builder!

Our pressed metal number plates are manufactured using the latest hydraulic press system, offering perfect results and giving you the ultimate 3D profile from the thin aluminium plate. A very durable and lasting product, they look great on any vehicle...

To order, the process couldn't be easier:

Step 1 -

Type in the registration that you would like to purchase in the 'Reg Number' box.

Step 2 -

Select which plates you would like. You can choose Front, Rear or Pair (front and rear)

Step 3 -

Select the quantity that you would like to order. 

The pressed number plate style originated in Europe and is often referred to as the German number plate style. We still have customers that ask for this type of plate. Using a brand new hydraulic press system (actually purchased from Germany) we are able to adjust the pressure depending on the plate and the character that we are trying to create. 

With immense attention to details we are able to provide the UK’s leading pressed plates and quantities larger than any of our competitors. 


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