A car mad Christmas: The gift guide.

It’s that time of year again; when you have to buy the best for your nearest and dearest. However, it’s easier said than done when it comes to buying for a car enthusiast. We are here to give you a run-down of the best gifts of 2016 that won’t break the bank, but that show a little more thought than your average air freshener (although we do love a good smelling car.)


Personalised plate

It doesn’t really get much better than personalised plates! From replacing a car-branded plate, to the much more exciting option of novelty plates, we have you covered this Christmas. Head to our plate builder to choose from a wide variety of styles, including the beautiful silver and black vintage style and the newly introduced premium aluminium plates, which offer a much stronger yet flexible option. Our novelty plates are a great idea for not only the car mad but for anyone who loves personalised gifts.

Scalextric set

The ultimate boy’s toy; whether they are 14 or 40, this is guaranteed to get them excited! Any of the starter packs available are a great introduction into the world of slot car racing, with each set containing a track, power, and the best bit; the cars. With a wide variety of cars to choose from, you can fulfill your automobile dreams with the best engines in the world (in miniature form of course) from a Mercedes F1 WO5 Hybrid to the classic Aston Martin DB5.


When you mention Goodwood to any car enthusiast, they are overcome by excitement; the annual 3-day festival attracts every type of petrol head imaginable. Whilst there is a long way to go until the 2017 event, tickets are already available; running from 8th-10th September, it will be a gift definitely worth the wait. Alternatively, if you simply can’t wait until next year; Goodwood offer experience days, from extreme weather driving to motor circuit track days. It will probably be the best gift you ever give.

Vintage Driving Helmet

Whether it’s just for display or for everyday use, a vintage driving accessory is a must have. Giving a Steve McQueen ‘Bullitt’ look to the modern day man, a vintage driving helmet really is the epitome of cool. There are many versions available, with beautiful leather finishes to removable and washable linings. Most are built to ECE standards, giving you the confidence to drive safely with style. 

Lego Ferrari

Around Christmas, there the temptation to regress back to childhood, whilst you watch the youngest of the family elated by all the latest gadgets and gizmos. So, with that in mind, a bit of Lego should take any adult back to their childhood days. However, Lego has progressed a lot since the 70’s, now offering some truly mesmerising things to build. A great addition to the lego collection is the Ferrari F40; get up close and personal with one of the world’s supercars. An expert replica, it even has the famous twin-turbocharged, 90-degree V8 engine; all finished in racing red. What more could you want?

Iceplane ice scraper

A revolutionary Ice scraper for the cold mornings, for when a credit card just isn’t cutting it. Designed to shift the hardest ice imaginable, it’s double bladed with a soft grip handle for comfort. An incredibly robust tool, you can apply maximum pressure with no fear; it’s been named the ‘must have accessory of winter’ and is the answer to making your icy mornings slightly more bearable. Get yours here.

So, with a gift for every budget and all types of car fanatics, we hope our top Christmas gift guide makes you a favourite around the Christmas tree this year.

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