Best Summer Cars 2018

You might think that you know what makes a great summer car. Perhaps it’s a convertible, a sports car or luxury saloon with private number plates. But isn’t any list always going to be subjective? What makes an ideal summer car for one, may be nothing short of shocking to another, and vice versa. The great thing about cars though is the very conversations that individual opinions instigate. So in this article we’ll hopefully spark a few discussions as we pick the “best” summer cars.


Audi A3 Convertible

Perhaps a strange place to start, but remember, summer is about family as much as it’s about the individual. The Audi caters for both, with room for four, and a roof that drops to share the sun. It’s a summer car for the whole family!


Mazda MX-5

From four seats to two, the Mazda MX-5 is perfect if there’s just you, or you plus one. A family car this isn’t but it too comes as a convertible, and is a little sportier than the Audi. As far as summer cars go, there is an argument that the MX-5 is iconic, and ticks all of the right boxes. It’s been through some stylistic changes over the years, but there’s certainly no doubting its longevity, evidence itself of its true summer status.


Audi TT Roadster

Somewhere between the two previous models is the TT Roadster. The difference though is the performance options available. You can go from basic to supreme performance in the top of the range RS model; almost from the sublime to the four-wheel drive ridiculous! It has proven a very popular vehicle in the UK across the range.


Ford Mustang Convertible

If you’re lucky enough to have visited the USA, then you’ll have seen that their brand of summer cars is headed up by the Mustang Convertible. It’s the summer car of choice in California – which let’s face it has a real summer! We all imagine driving down the California highway in a Mustang, quite how this compares in the UK is a debate in itself.


Porsche 911 Cabriolet

There is probably only one downside to owning a 911 Cabriolet, and that’s the common misconception by people that it’s a Porsche Boxster. Now, whilst there is nothing wrong with the Boxster, if you’ve forked out for a top of the range 911, you’d probably be a little upset by this mistake. That aside, the 911 is awesome.


Aston Martin Vantage

Truly British, and probably unmistakeable for anything else, the Vantage looks, and is, fantastic. Performance and style, presentation and delivery. It truly is one of the best summer cars, but then again you’d hope so for the price!


So, let the discussions begin. Do the best summer cars need to be convertible? Should they have no more than two seats, and what about the extras like four-wheel drive or personalised number plates? It’s time to offer up your own views and opinions and enter into this classic summery debate.

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