CUPRA – SEAT’s New Beginning

This week Spanish car manufacturer SEAT teased there new Cupra performance brand with the news of a full release on the 22nd February. You may recognise the name, this is because SEAT do offer Cupra spec levels on some of their models, offering higher performance in most aspects of the driving experience. Now though, it’s becoming a brand in itself, and it is set to achieve big things if the expectations are to be taken seriously. (And, the logo gets it off to a good start, right?)

The popular recent release from the company, the Ateca, is going to be the next model to receive the Cupra overhaul, and it’s an addition that could well prove as popular as the standard model.
The 300bhp super-SUV has been spotted being tested at various locations around the world including the Nürbergring, and is said to share the same 2.0 litre engine as the Leon Cupra before it. And with VW releasing their latest creation, the T-Roc, it will have to perform like it’s predecessors too.

This makes a pleasant change to the usual car news flying around that our cars are becoming more autonomous and we are soon to be jumping in driverless taxis around the cities. This is set to be good, proper old school car manufacturing that churns out the most of what the car has to offer. Well, hopefully.

And back to the logo… as part of a mixed group of opinions, our sits on the ‘like but do not love’ shelf. How about yours?

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