Dodge: The 7 Special Editions

Dodge are announcing 7, yes 7 special editions!

2023 will see the end of the Dodge Challenger and Charger in their current form, with the American manufacturer set to announce homage to them with 7 special edition models.

Blast From The Past?

Dodge have said that the special edition models will share connections to their iconic predecessors; this may be just styling queues or special edition paint options like shown in the picture. These are ‘Plum Crazy Purple’ and ‘Sublime Green’ that are being reintroduced as factory options for these last cars, along with B5 Blue. Each car coming off the production line between now and 2023 will get a commemorative plaque under the bonnet, showing that it is a ‘Last Call’ car. 

Their Names?

Dodge have always come up with some pretty menacing names for their models, like Hellcat and Jailbreak. It’s going to be interesting to see what the manufacturer name their final production cars, it might be something like The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellfire Hemi Edition Final Boost Toxicator. 

Where Do They Go Next?

What’s next then? Where can a Muscle car brand go with their new models, with the big emphasis being on electric drivetrains at the minute? The electric whine would not suit something so aggressive as a Challenger or Charger. Or would it? I remember the 2011 movie ‘In Time’ where the timekeepers drove around in classic Dodge Challengers with a strong electric whine. It was kinda cool!

Dodge SE 1

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