Great Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day approaches – 19th June – but whether you are buying for that particular occasion, a birthday, or perhaps just for the hell of it, it pays to have a few solid ideas up your sleeve. So, forget socks, DVDs, neck ties and shirts (or even better of course, a number plate?), because here are some really good gift ideas that your well-deserving dad will surely love.

1. A Number Plate

Don’t act surprised. Not only are personalised number plates an undeniably fantastic gift for anyone who you care about and drives, it’s also what we at Number 1 Plates do best. Fun, funny, literally unique and, yes, affordable, personalised number plates are even a canny investment. Anyone who has their special number plate is proud to head off to work or on holiday in a car that carries that extra touch of individuality and class. So, stuck for ideas? Not anymore.


2. Sporting events

If you father is the type who like to sit down and watch a bit of sport – perhaps they wear the shirt or idle away their Sunday afternoons catching up on the latest happenings with the Guardian sports section – rather than a football scarf or Panini stickers album (actually, that might not be such a bad idea….), how about a pair of tickets to the event itself. You might not quite be able to make the World Cup, which kicks off on 14th June, but how about Wimbledon, which starts soon after, on 2nd July? There’s nothing like a grand sporting occasion, and a day out makes for a wonderful gift.


3.  Magazine subscription

There some very good reasons why a subscription is one of our most favourite gifts of all. For a start, you get to choose a publication that you know he’ll enjoy. From Trout & Salmon and The National Geographic to Discover Magazine and Empire, your magazine choice will strike right at the heart of one of your father’s greatest loves. Another great reason to get a magazine subscription is that it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Once a month it’ll arrive on their doormat, neatly wrapped and ready to burst open with ideas, opinions, the latest developments and more.


4. Leather goods

Think quality handmade wallets big chunky coarse leather belts, tanned satchels for the laptop, chukka boots, driving gloves and vintage luggage. The smell, the quality design and craftsmanship – the right leather gift is a keeper, even something to hand down. Go that extra bit further and throw in some leather cleaning products and you’re on to a sure-fire winner.


5. Car tech

Finally, how about some contemporary tech for the car? A dash camera will be considered, fun, interesting and practical; a steering wheel cover will help make the driving experience that much more pleasurable; a multipiece tool set for mechanics is a fantastic gift that will serve well and last generations; and a car seat protector will help maintain the integrity of the interior, while offering a more comfortable ride, also.


Great gifts for a great person.


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