Highlights from the Luxury Motor Show 2015

This weekend, the motoring equivalent of London Fashion Week took place. Beautiful things were paraded around and we all had a good perve. A lucky few actually got to take a ride in something.

Unlike rallies, classic car shows and enthusiast clubs, we’ll admit that the luxury motor show is all about the glamour. But if you can’t appreciate the engineering behind a 200K plus supercar, then you can’t really call yourself a petrol head.

We’re sure you have your favourites, but these magnificent three really stood out for us. Please feel free to get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts. PS, one of our favourites is British, so please be kind…

Small and wondrous: Renault Twizy ZE

If you thought Smart cars were compact wait until you see the Renault Twizy ZE. Looking exactly like we’d expect Wall E’s great grandchild to look, the Twizy is as cute as the Lamborghini Murcielago is sexy.

Perched like a little robot, the Twizy is a hybrid car/scooter with zero emissions. It’s 6 inches narrower than a Smart ForTwo and reaches speeds of up to 50 mph. They’re available from £6,000, but it’s rare to actually see one on the road, despite the fact it was unveiled as a concept way back in 2009. The Twizy is very much ‘before-its-time’ and despite the slow start, in coming years we predict that we’ll be seeing many more of these in our cities.

Most wanted: Lamborghini Aventador

This is the closest thing to a Bat Mobile any of us will ever come.

With a V12 engine and carbon body it is little wonder that this thing doesn’t take off. In fact, the Aventador is such a work of art that the engine even has a story. Handcrafted in Sant’Agata Bolognese, drivers can enjoy wetting themselves in fear as this beast accelerates from 0-100KM in 2.9 seconds.

As the Aventador roared in, there wasn’t a single attendee who didn’t want to remortgage their house and buy one.

The wow factor/best of British: Caparo T1

If you’ve never heard of a Caparo T1, don’t feel bad, they’re really, really rare. The Caparo is a British supercar from the engineers who helped deliver the Maclaren P1.

Orders are now being taken for the Caparo, however only a limited number are available. Only true English gentlemen/ladies may apply and we don’t actually know the price. As the adage goes, if you have to ask, you can’t afford.

We do know that the T1 Evolution will have a starting price of 1.1 million Euros.

However, it manages to reach 0-60 in under 2.5 seconds and boasts a power to weight ration of over 1,000 bhp per tonne. This makes the Bugatti Veyron look positively weak, with a capacity to deliver only 626 bhp per tonne.

This sort of stomach-flipping speed is achieved from an overall weight which comes in at less than Homer Simpson. With a carbon and aluminium honeycomb monocoque and carbon fibre structural components, the total weight is a svelte 550kg.

Caparo claim it’s the quickest thing to ever wear a number plate. And it’s British.

Proud. Very proud.

If you’re lucky enough to have a car to show off at the next Luxury Motor Show, why not pop on a set of our show number plates to personalise your ride?

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