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What many people around Bradford and Leeds know as KAHN Design, are only seeing the doorway to a much, much bigger picture. It has grown from just that into a world renowned, UK stretched business that showcases luxury car design, sales and manufacturing. Looking at the KAHN automobiles page, you get a taste of what the goals are, what they are wanting to achieve. They want to attract those who can enjoy the finer, more expensive things in life. And we went in to find our more.

Speaking to George Phillips – Head of News at Kahn, I wanted to get to know more about how the company has grown and how it wants to develop in the future. The word ‘luxury’ is at the forefront of all that this group represents, presenting those that can afford it with a never ending list of bespoke additions that can make their vehicle complete individual. Starting with KAHN Design, the company’s creator, Afzal Kahn, took his first steps toward his ultimate goal of creating his own cars.

KAHN employs a team of craftsmen under the Project Kahn branch that can transform your vehicle into whatever your mind can imagine. Over the years they have built strong relationships with Land Rover and Jeep and now have brand new cars direct from the dealership into their workshop where they stress to meet the buyers needs. They also offer a huge number of their own products, one of those being the immensely sought after RSR alloy wheel, a creation of Afzal himself, that stamps any car with the luxury essence of KAHN Design. ‘Pretty much anything is possible here…’ claims George.

As previously mentioned, the group specialises in Land Rover and Jeep models, and have grown increasingly close to the dealers themselves. This prosperous relationship has allowed Kahn to excel in his quest to create his own car and now, instead of only create bespoke car to order, they create their own masterpieces and place them on a marketplace for customers to browse. This has allowed the group to extend it’s limbs out from Bradford, in to Leeds and now in Chelsea. The Chelsea ‘store’ is home to The Chelsea Truck Company. This, I think is the epitome of what Kahn has been wanting to achieve for years, and matches what the company has been striving for, and you can map its development.

The Chelsea Truck Company created its own market when a trend was spotted by Kahn, and that trend was exploited. Jeep Wranglers and Defenders were, and are becoming ever more popular and Kahn took advantage of that. More recently they have also taken on the Mercedes G-Wagon. Creating the ‘urban chic’ design that so many are looking for. I can personally say that on a trip to Los Angeles last summer, the amount of high-end luxury 4 door Wranglers I saw left me with a craving for more upon my return home. ‘Chelsea Truck’ offer examples like the Huntsman 105 Long-Nose which is described as ‘the superlative expression of the Land Rover Defender’. They build new creations that are bespoke to the company itself, again keeping that luxury, rare feel.

All the brands, including Chelsea Truck want to concentrate on their own development, they want to create vehicles that make you think less ‘Jeep’ and ‘Defender’ but more ‘Kahn’ and ‘Chelsea Truck Company’. This image is matched by the addition of accessories like the watch collection. This allows them to create a more rounded experience for the customer because after all, they are the ones paying large sums for this service and they will expect the best. And thats what they get. If you were to order a car from any of the group, you would be invited on most aspects of the design process, the employees want you to feel like your are more than a customer, but someone who is allowing them to express their creativity for your gain.

There is two vehicles in particular that make Kahn, and the group in its entirety stand out from the competition. These are the Flying Huntsman 6×6 and the Vengeance. Taken from the company website, ‘A fitting tribute to one of the world’s best loved vehicles, the coach built Flying Huntsman 110 6×6 Double Cab Pickup made its international debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Around 880 mm longer than a normal Defender and 150 mm wider, the Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 is adorned with a full range of mechanical & styling upgrades that gives the vehicle a striking appearance and improved performance.’

Image Shows: Land Rover Defender 110 built to Flying Huntsman 6×6 pick-up specification by Kahn Design.
©KahnDesign All rights reserved.

This vehicle truly is a thing of beauty and beastliness. Men and women alike are attracted to this car and for all the right reasons, it screams strength, luxury, comfort and power all at the same time. Though the 1000s of hours hard work put in to developing this car are reflected in the price, with it available online at £249,995.

Then there’s the Vengeance. This, like all great inventions and creations started as a thought, then was transformed into a sketch by Afzal Kahn in 2006. Build on an Aston Martin VH aluminium and composite platform, the Vengeance is now a reality. You can clearly see the Aston Martin inspiration in this car, but also Kahn’s need for that aggressive, hardened appeal. The UK recognised this work and rewarded it in when Kahn Design was awarded the 2015 Best Newcomer to the West Midlands for Design and Innovation Award at the annual ‘Birmingham Made Me’ award ceremony.

The Vengeance by KAHN ©KahnDesign All rights reserved.

The professional work that the designers and manufacturers do runs parallel of that of the marketing and news team. They do an amazing job of showcasing these cars in the most efficient way possible for the company. The highest quality management is given to small details like the interior images of cars that are on sale, nothing is done without the brand image in mind. Keen social media users, they show the importance of these online methods to even the most luxurious of brands. This allows them to not only attract the worlds car lovers that strive for a bespoke Range Rover, but also open avenues to those who are wanting parts for their current cars.

Want to see more? Head over to the Project Kahn website for a stepping stone into his world. Let us know if there are any other dealerships or businesses like this one that you would like us to write about. We loved doing this one. Share you thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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