MINI John Cooper Works Concept

Every car manufacturer wants to flex their muscles and show the world ‘look, if we wanted to, we could do this, on repeat’. But, it’s usually the sportier or more luxurious car makes that do this, making wild and futuristic concept cars to take to the worlds largest shows. This isn’t a solid rule though, it can be broken, and it has.

MINI have unleashed the MINI John Cooper Works GP concept, and on the contrary to what you might think after reading this far, it’s actually quite a car. The guys at MINI usually like to wait until the demand for a particular model has gone stale, but they couldn’t wait this time, with the all-electric car future on the horizon they’ve created a monster. It may well be the hardest, sportiest looking MINI creation i’ve seen.

The concept car is build with track days in mind. It is wider than the current mini, has an unmissable sports bodykit which comes equipped with a huge front splitter, rear diffuser and a monstrous rear wing. Theres also a cool looking roof scoop on there for good measure, though we aren’t actually sure what practical use this has on the hardcore front-wheel drive, front-engined car, it’s a nice touch.

From the outside, a novice can tell this is a MINI, a classic and noticeable shape. The inside though, may throw a few people of track. It has been completely stripped from the front seat back of its recognisable character and instead you’ll find a role cage and race-style bucket seats, two in the front and none in the back. I mean, why add the extra weight, it’s not exactly a car you’ll be doing the school run in!

Adrian van Hooydonk, the head of design at BMW, says that this car ‘brings together the full suite of defining MINI design features and showcases them at their sportiest and most exciting’. You can’t disagree with that.

What do you think of the MINI? Does it compete with the more popular brand concept cars?

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