Porsche Cayenne 2018

With new cars being thrusted out the world over, the trend hasn’t passed Porsche without them getting involved. They recently unveiled the new Cayenne, their larger SUV. Upon first sight, it doesn’t look a great deal different to the model that it has been build to proceed. Though, on further comparison it does appear to be longer, leaner and have a new, clean cutting-edge to it. The bonnet lines and grooves down the chassis, the new grille and air intake help it to sit into the common consumer car vibe, that seems to be a growing, or lasting trend. This car though, starts at a rather jaw-tensing £55,965.

It’s what is within the new exterior that Porsche have tried to ensure gets the best out of the developing Cayenne. It weight 65kg less, which when it comes to car isn’t a great deal, but it’s less!
Increased interior cabin and boot space adds to the luxury of the Range Rover competitor and like many new car models, the amount of buttons has drastically reduced as all of the cars content is minimised onto a 12.3-inch touchscreen.

With all of this in mind, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this car is, how does it compare to the Macan?

To me, the Macan is a real masterpiece of an SUV. One of those cars that tricks you into thinking it is something that it is not, where, as you get inside you are transported into something much bigger, and more luxurious than what you were originally expecting.  Compact in comparison to the Cayenne it may appeal to me as a younger driver. Whatever the reason, I love it.

What do you think of the new Cayenne? Does it match up to the Macan?

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