Start 2020 Right With These Vehicle Must Haves

2020 is set to be a huge year for everyone, or at least that is the plan. As people far and wide embark on completing their New Years Resolutions, and smashing short and long term goals, it is important to remember that the smaller things in life can sometimes make your day that little bit easier. A recent poll shows that the average person in the UK spends at least 9 hours a week behind the wheel of their car commuting around the country.

Over the year, this adds up to a huge 468 hours, or 19.5 DAYS! Obviously, this is a humongous amount of time to be sat behind the wheel of your vehicle. This is why we think that it is of the upmost importance to make sure that a person’s car is a place of luxury, a sanctuary where they can feel comfortable and right at home when they are out on the roads. So how would someone do this without spending a fortune? Well quite easily. There are hundred of cost effective ways in which a vehicle can be made homelier, personalised and up to date to make drives more enjoyable. We have provided a few ideas for you in this list.

1.  4D Number Plates

You could have probably guessed that we would include a product that we sell in our suggestions. But these plates really are an amazing addition to anybody’s car or bike. Whether they are require to bring an older car to the 21st century, or to add a finishing and luxurious touch to a brand new motorcycle, our 4D plates are the creme de la creme of exterior accessories. Without breaking the bank, our plate builder can be used to create 100% bespoke registration plates.

2. HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display

This amazing little display is a great way to give a car seemingly built-in GPS navigation. Compatible with most common phones this year via bluetooth, the HUDWAY site above your steering wheel and displays upcoming direction on a semi-transparent screen. It can also be used to display calls, text and control music, so it even acts as a hand-free device to ensure safe driving.

3. BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer

Although many people take Dry January on after a hectic festive period, some people stick to their social routines and head out for a few drinks with friends and colleagues to start the new year as they mean to go on. This mean that it is of the upmost important to make sure that you are not driving whilst over the limit. This handy little gadget check the alcohol levels in the user’s system. This can stop individual’s having incidents that lead to harmful injuries for themselves, other road users and pedestrians.

4. Garmin Dash Cam 56

Unfortunately there are some people on the road that when an accident occurs, try to shift the blame in order to claim off of the other party’s insurance. This way they are able to keep there no claims bonus, and possibly claim for any injuries (true or false) that they incurred during the collision. A dash cam can remove any uncertainty that surround this kind of implication and clearly records all of the journey’s that the vehicle makes. As well as record in 1080p, this Garmin cam saves the footage on impact and tracks GPS to pinpoint the location of any incidents.

5. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 USB Car Charger

Maybe we don’t want to admit it, but tech is taking over. Everyday we have another tool to charge and another gadget to use, so here’s one that keeps the others alive. Often during your journey’s there are multiple things to charge, or 3-4 people in the car that are fighting over the single iPhone charger. With this handy adapter, three USB chargers can be plugged in and used simultaneously, so everybody and everything is happy.

Have you bought any gadgets recently? Let us know what you think are the must-haves!


Due to the latest changes in the way we use our vehicles, we have written a blog highlighting what savings you can make during lockdown. This could help you save some vital founds as you have found yourself using your vehicle less and less over the past couple of months.

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