Staying Safe on the Road this Halloween

With trick or treaters walking about on Halloween night, driving can get a little tricky and sometimes a bit dangerous. We want to make sure you’re driving safe to avoid any road related accidents by following some helpful tips below:

Stay visible

As much as it’s important for trick-or-treaters to be cautious and remain on the pavement, as a driver, you can do your part to be visible by making sure you’re properly using your headlights and high beams when necessary

Slow Down

Lots of little children take the to their neighbourhood in search for delightful sweets and sometimes their enthusiasm can get the best of them causing them to forget to look both ways rule before crossing the road. You can do your part by slowing down and giving them the right of way.

Keep a Look-Out

If you see any dodgy activity be sure to report it to police as soon as possible. Halloween is about fun and games; however, some people have a tendency to get carried away. By being responsible on the road, you can do your part to make sure neighbourhoods stay safe and sound.

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and take some photos of your favourite costumes! Happy Halloween!

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