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What Is The Law On Black and Silver Car Plates?

When you’re out and about on the roads, you’ve probably noticed that some cars may have these silver and black number plates. Instead of the standard yellow and white. (See below), however not everybody knows what they are for and if anybody can have one!   Can anybody put black and white number plates on…

Black Friday – The History.

History Behind The Notorious Day; Black Friday Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving in America, has recently been the big ‘save the date’ day in the diaries for shoppaholics and savers alike. With big discounts hitting the highstreets and online stores. People are getting bang for their buck – and just in time for Christmas….

The History Of GB Number Plates

Number Plates – When and Why Were They Made? From the turn of the 20th Century, it became apparent that cars and vehicles were becoming increasingly popular. With manufacturers appearing all over the world and the UK’s economy rising almost 50%, it comes as no surprise that Brits were turning from horses to motor vehicles!…

The basic maintenance checks every car owner should regularly make.

Here in the UK, we’re a nation of car lovers, with more than two million cars sold every year, each of them covering on average 7,500 miles every year, equating to roughly 20 miles per day. Of course, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have had an impact on both these statistics over the last…