The Audi TT Roadster has a facelift

If we said the Audi TT was a hairdressers’ car would you hate us?

Of course you wouldn’t because, like us, you know that it’s kinda true… yet you don’t care anyway.

Pretty doesn’t have to mean emasculating, however if we compare the bubble-like body of the old TT to the sleek lines of the rest of the Audi range, it does reek of false nails and designer handbags. The Audi A5 is a tough beast. The TT is a car for popping the sunroof down and putting a Chihuahua in the front seat.

But let’s not compare apples with bananas. The point is, the new Audi TT Roadster S is here, and it looks better than ever.

What’s new?

The 3rd generation TT has evolved from the sloping-back coupe style which we all associate with the TT. It now has a soft fabric top which can be retracted at speed (tested by Top Gear up to 31mph – but we say keep it below 30) and has built up a bit more booty to hide that hood.

If an A4, A5 and the old TT had a three person baby, this is what the offspring would look like. It looks more conventional, however if this allows it to lose it’s ‘just a pretty face’ stigma and actually appeal to the modern man, then this can only be a good thing.

It’s a little smaller than the second generation at 21mm shorter, 10mm narrower and 10mm closer to the ground. While to the naked eye this will make zero difference, those claiming the new model looks a little chunky will be placated by this.

There’s also a general feeling amongst reviewers that the new generation has more of a focus on drive quality compared to previous models. The new model features a virtual cockpit and a lightweight aluminium construction, delivering a sportier experience compared to previous models.

The MK III has also been designed to provide a more comfortable ride and the body has been stiffened.

The numbers

The launch model range consists of three models with a whole varying scale of power:

TT Roadster – 2.2 TFSI with 227bhp
TTS Roadster – 306bhp
TT Roadster – 2.0 TDI 183bhp – 65.7mpg average

When can I try one?

Get set, go! Your local Audi dealer should now be in a position to make your day – despite those initial rough estimations for launch. Naturally, the price range isn’t tiny (£31,955 – £37, 555) and certainly showcases the constant parallels between the TT and the Porsche Boxster. That said, the top of the range certainly offers a lot for under £40K.

The top spec is the Quattro version, while the lower price range refers to the 2.0 TDI Ultra Sport – not a bad spec by any means. The higher performance TTS price is yet to be confirmed.

If you’re lucky enough to get one, we strongly recommend getting yourself some really snazzy Audi branded plates to go with it. Try out our custom number plate builder before you go.

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