The Best Driving Apps to Assist Your Journey

We live in a world of smartphone apps, assisting our day to day activities; everything from social media, to directions to tracking our nutritional intake. So, when it comes to driving apps, why not get a little help from the brains that know best; just be sure to always have your eyes firmly on the road whilst driving!

Google Maps

Of course, because what’s a driving app list, without mention of Google maps? Far superior to any other map app available on the market, it’s simply the best and is only going to continue getting better. Navigate your way around the world with the help of real time updates, traffic condition updates, automatic re-routing, lane guidance and suggested pit stops.

Available offline, it can assist you through the back tracks of the countryside, where internet connection and signal service as just mere myths. Both comprehensive and accurate in 220 countries and territories; it really is the creme de la creme of map apps. Available on both Android and iOS.

Android Auto

Designed to make it easier to use all of your apps whilst driving, the new, shiny updated version of Android Auto can be fully controlled, both by touch and voice straight from your phone screen. Once your phone is mounted into a cradle, it’s all set to go. Designed to work with google maps and numerous other applications to assist you through turbulent navigational times, you can control music playback, answer your phone and send quick voice controlled messages all through one handy holding place.


This free app allows you to save money across the UK by comparing both diesel and petrol prices in over 8400 stations across the country, all of which are updated daily. Whenever you’re desperately searching for a station that won’t rid you of your life savings for a single tank top up, turn to petrolprices.com, where not only can you compare the price, but also the average fuel price per area and the ease of access; not to mention the handy option of filtering your distance by 5,10,15 and 20 miles.

JustPark Parking

Have you ever found yourself driving in circles, desperately trying to find a suitable parking spot? Of course you have, in fact, it’s a common occurrence for most drivers. JustPark helps you find parking in seconds, giving you the option to choose freely from 40,000+ reservable parking spaces. Simply reserve and pay, for peace of mind and ease, allowing you to properly organise your time and journey. Available with real time updates, reminders and re-booking, it’s truly your answer to care-free parking!


Imagine if you were provided with the fastest routes to your favourite locations, no matter the circumstance; avoiding police traps, traffic jams and accidents. A community boasting 90 million members, WAZE automatically re-routes around traffic, as conditions change, keeping you up to date and alerted to all speed and police updates, as well as notifying you of all upcoming camera spots. It can also provide an element of fun to your drive by giving you road directions from celebrity voices or giving you the option to record your own custom voice for all of your direction needs. WAZE works anywhere in the world, uses a low amount of data and is by far our most favourite app on the list!

In this tech savvy world, it can do no harm to be up to date with the latest gadgetry and apps in the game, making your morning commute that bit more bearable – get downloading!

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