You’ve been framed: The dirty dash-cam diaries

In the old days, as in like 2007, the only thing motorists had to worry about was policemen and traffic wardens. There was always the fear that the idiot in the errant BMW (that you just stuck your finger up at) would turn out to be your new boss, but this was always a chance worth taking when someone cut you up.

Now the world is watching via the phenomenon of dash cams. And as far as candid filming is concerned, these humble little sidekicks have filmed some of the juiciest news scenes around. In the US it might be for ‘claim and blame’ reasons, but over here it’s far more British. Fail to queue and you will be named and shamed for the world to see.

Road rage in Liverpool

Filmed just two days ago in Liverpool (say what you will), this is the motoring equivalent of repeatedly punching your younger sibling with their own fist while squeaking “stop hitting yourself”. Immature, but amusing for the innocent bystander.

Apparently in the US ‘zipper merging’ is a thing, but in the UK, this is cock-blocking on a mighty grand scale.

Duracell bunny

This video should be up there with one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Keep watching, because it develops. At first it’s a poor bunny clearly confused by the headlamps. But then as the driver stops to let the poor creature get away, it waits. What follows is what can only be construed as the bunny having a right good laugh at the expense of the bewildered passengers.

Even when it has the chance to disappear into the shrubs, it just keeps going.

Is there a happy ending for the world’s most virile bunny? You’ll have to watch until the end to see!

Taxi drivers see all

When the world is a stage and all the motorists are merely players, you better bet your ass a taxi driver will end up putting you on YouTube.

This video is the fifth of the night captured in its ‘beautiful’ raw form. Speculate at what that girl is doing under the underpass. Watch cyclists with death wishes. And name and shame any scallies who put other road users at risk. If you’ve seen ‘Night Crawler’ with Jake Gyllenhaal, this will resonate.

Taxi Warrior has plenty more where this came from, and some of it is just plain weird. The freaks come out at night. Give him a follow, the footage he captures is pretty special. Special being the operative word.

License revoked

If you’re a complete tool for long enough, you might even get your own starring video complete with big floating arrow! This driver is doing nothing for the rep of Mercedes drivers. An above average salary, a below average level of intelligence and a fundamental disregard for anyone else on the road makes this driver chief idiot of the week.

But remember folks, holding a vendetta against someone on the same stretch of road as you is dangerous. In this case the dash cam driver clearly makes it his aim to catch every shred of this Merc’s driving habits. Can’t help thinking this guy has a library of vids with the relevant section of the Highway Code taped to them…

If you’ve caught any footage of anything worth a looky, please send them through for our amusement. If bodies are being disposed of, or crimes are being committed, please send these to the police. We might be up for a laugh, but we’re not sadists.

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