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To tow caravans in the UK, you must display a matching registration plate to the vehicle that is towing it. The caravan number plates need to be made by a registered number plate supplier like us, be road legal and made to British Standard (BS AU 145d).

There is no difference between a standard rear number plate and a caravan plate. So you can select the best fit for you and buy today. You can change the plates on your caravan if you are towing with a different vehicle. Though it must be replaced with another set of road legal number plates.

Why do I need caravan number plates?

To legally tow a caravan in the UK, you must display a caravan number plate that matches the vehicle that it is being towed by. In most cases, our standard UK car or 4×4 number plates should be exactly what you need, with prices starting from only £10.49. This is exactly the same when it comes to motorhome number plates, which will all be standard UK size, measuring 520mm x 111mm.

Are caravan number plates legal?

Our caravan plates are made from start to finish in our Guiseley store to ensure that only the best materials are used for your getaway home. Give back to your pride and joy with our premium quality caravan license plate options.

We know how much your caravan means to you and we work tirelessly to ensure that our products are manufacture to the highest standard, this is what has made us one of the UK’s most popular number plates providers.

How do I buy caravan number plates?

We make registration plates, and we have all of the options and specifications that you need to be able to create the perfect caravan number plates. We stock a many specifications and sizes suitable for all caravans, meaning you can create your perfect legal caravan number plates in a few simple steps:

  1. Head to our number plate maker
  2. Design your own bespoke number plates
  3. Add any surrounds, accessories or fittings kits your may need
  4. Place your order
  5. Supply the legally required documentation proving you own the registration, so we can dispatch your caravan number plates ASAP!
  6. Get your registration plates as soon as tomorrow

How should I fit my caravan number plates?

If you need help with the fitting of your caravan number plates, then you need to head to our fittings page where you can find a how-to guide on how to properly and securely fit your number plates. We have many accessories that will make this job super easy for you.

If you need any extra information, please don’t hesitate to contact our super helpful customer service team!

How much are caravan registration plates?

Our number plates for caravans start at just £10.99. The prices varies depending on the options that you select including shape, materials, text style and more. You can create bespoke plates for a fraction of the price of some of our competitors!


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