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The great thing about Northern Irish Number Plates is that they can be transferred to vehicles of any age. Similarly to our dateless plate style, this versatile registration format is the perfect gift for yourself or a special someone. A popular for our customers purchasing number plates is because they would like to hide the true age of the car or motorcycle. This is possibly the most pocket friendly way to literally make a car timeless. An example of this would be a vehicle registered midway through 2008. This vehicle would originally display a ‘58’ reg, though if it were to have ‘JRS 454’ it’s true age would be hidden from plain sight.

The cost effective nature of Irish number plates means that is a popular choice among vehicle owners both new and old. This format has been designated for registrations originally dealt out in Northern Ireland, and not the Republic of Ireland, where the entire industry is run independently.

Although the DVLNI or DVLA Northern Ireland aid the governance of the countries registration plate dealings, the exact same rules apply, and registered number plates suppliers in England are legally allowed to distribute plates into Northern Ireland.

Similarly to the registration that were sold in the ‘Dateless Number Plates’ period in England, Irish Number Plates have a prefix of 1, 2 or 3 letters that display an area code. This area code is the area in which the plate was originally registered to. These letters are followed by 1, 2, 3 or 4 random numbers. Over time, an extra number was added to enable the DVLNI to increase the number of combinations they were able to register.

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