Amazing Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

We all like to receive nice gifts and most of us like to give them too! However there is sometimes a problem when it comes to the art of giving – what if the recipient has different tastes or interests to the person choosing the gift? How can we make sure that the present selected is the correct one and moreover a great one?


Well, it’s tricky, so here we look at amazing gift ideas for car lovers. Quite often “petrol-heads” are difficult to buy for because the purchaser doesn’t understand cars at all. So for that reason, we’re here to help. Read on for ideas and inspiration.


Car Number Plates

They may already have the car of their dreams so why not match it up with a bespoke car number plate? This gift is both personal and thoughtful, and compliments their hobby not only cleverly, but uniquely.


Car Seat Protectors

Now these may not appear particularly romantic or inspirational, but they are practical, and most car lovers like that. If the recipient is into maintenance as well as motors, then these will save the interior whilst they work on the car.



Some people love the car they own, some just like cars. There are fanatics who might appreciate the history of an iconic model such as the Porsche 911, or the artistic types who’d like their own car of choice immortalised in print.



Unfortunately we do not all get to own the cars we love, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t experience the thrill of driving them, even for just a short period of time. Track days are great for this. You can experience the thrill of racing without the cost.



In the modern world we do have to think about safety, so why not buy a dash cam for the vehicle? Practical, yes, but hopefully something that may never be needed.


Clothes and Care

You can get specific driving accessories such as leather driving gloves, as well as car care kits for cleaning, and both will be welcomed as gifts.



If the car is always being worked on, then getting decent mechanic’s tools is always a great idea. They can be expensive but for the “grease-monkeys” they’ll be both well received and necessary.



You won’t get much thrill from driving if you are caught speeding too often. There are radar detection kits available to reduce the chances of this – though the better way is to not speed at all! Check the legality of some though and do not use them as an encouragement to race.


From coffee tables constructed around old F1 wheels, or engine blocks, to all manner of accessories from clothes and fashion to even kitchen essentials, there are fantastic, original gift ideas out there for car lovers. Still unsure? Then you can always do what we do, and keep hold of the receipt.


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