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Today, your Number 1 number plate makers hark back to days of adventure, when people actually went out for the best drives just the fun of it – rather than the practical purpose of going somewhere. While the burning issues of safety and the environment may threaten to curtail our love of the open road, fear not, for driving isn’t dead just yet. The aim here is to focus on some of the best places in the world to go for a spin – to enjoy driving now as we did way back when. At its best, driving allows us to explore the world’s greatest spaces in ways that would otherwise be impossible. Read on for ideas:



Part of the joy of driving is the scenery through which you drive. It doesn’t have to be in the fastest of super cars – at times you need to forget the car you’re in, and instead look at the world in which you’re driving. The roads around Snowdonia offer beauty and inspirational scenery in abundance and definitely represent some of the UK’s most spectacular driving.


Isle of Man

Some will disagree with the assertion that speed doesn’t matter. For these same people, they can head off to the Isle of Man where speed limits are literally off the charts. Yet while there are no national speed limits on the Isle of Man, safe driving laws still apply, and many of the most beautiful stretches of road are also among the most precarious – so caution is well advised. That being said, this place is home to some of the best drives you could ask for.



Rugged beaches, crashing waves, and a little more sunshine that you’ll be used to, makes Brittany a good option if you’re looking for a great spin that is punctuated with lighthouses, (there are 80 along the Breton coast alone).



Whether you select the Stelvio Pass in Italy, or the roads of Austria, France or Switzerland, driving through the Alps is both demanding and enthralling in equal measure. You’ll be rewarded with views that will remain with you as eternal memories. Whilst you’ll not want to rush, the scale is so large that you’ll often want to keep moving. Best views? Best roads? Best drives?



In fall, or autumn to you and me, New England is one of the most beautiful areas of scenery easily accessible to cars. Elsewhere, America offers all sorts of landscapes from greenery, through deserts and mountains to the wonderful and renowned Big Sur and Pacific Highway which runs the full length of California, the coastline simply opens up as you drive.


Australia and South Africa

Why not try the Great Ocean Road in Australia – its majestic seascapes truly something to behold – or drive the Garden Route of South Africa – that will see you take in some of the country’s most cherished and most dramatic, protected areas? You’ll sometimes feel like you’re in another world entirely. These iconic drives may not receive the same attention as some of the US’s most famous routes, but they are truly remarkable in both their scale and natural beauty.


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