Classic Cars from the 70’s

What makes classic cars, classic cars? Which cars from the 1970s do people remember fondly and which still fill people with a sense of dread? The honest answer is of course that it will vary from person to person, and a car that makes one top five, may fail to make another list at all. It’s a topic that’ll spark debate but also create great conversations too – memories are wonderful to recall.


So here we look at some favourite throwback cars from the 1970s. Some of these are so iconic that even a private number plates couldn’t disguise their age. Read on to see what makes the list.


Lamborghini Countach

Why not start with a car that adorned the bedroom walls of many young car enthusiasts in the 1970s, the Lamborghini Countach. Completely impractical but thoroughly enjoyable, maybe even a little mad, its lines were unmistakable and it truly was iconic. Quite how icons from the past look and fit into today’s world though is another discussion entirely.


Ford Escort

It’s probably true that you never imagined that there would be a list that included both the Escort and the Countach, but that’s exactly the case. Away from supercar superlatives the 1970s came with high fuel prices and the need for cars to adapt. The Escort was exactly that, the 70s adapting to its surroundings. Dull, maybe, but no less iconic than the Countach. You are much more likely to have owned an Escort than driven a Countach. It was, together with the even more popular Ford Cortina, the family car of choice and sold in vast numbers accordingly.


Ford Capri

You might dream of a Lambo’ with bespoke number plates, but your reality may have been closer to the Ford Capri. Synonymous with having the driver’s name across the top of the windscreen, the Capri offered performance and styling for the everyday man’s budget. It was instantly recognisable and is still much sought after.



Remember when Minis were, well mini? Today the Mini is anything but small, more standard, but back in the day it was a tight squeeze, low to the ground go-kart type motorcar. Subject it to the Cooper Works treatment and you had a pocket rocket to be proud of.


These are just a few of the throwback cars of the 1970s, there are many more. From across the Atlantic there was the Dodge Challenger, and closer to home there was of course the Morris and Austin Allegro.


All of these cars will evoke memories, some of which will be fond ones too. Whether you chased your dream of a Countach, settled for a Capri or joined the masses in an Escort or Cortina, each of these were more than just a car. They may have been a good friend or even part of your family, but you should look back and view them all with a smile and that sums them up completely.

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