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You’ve been framed: The dirty dash-cam diaries

In the old days, as in like 2007, the only thing motorists had to worry about was policemen and traffic wardens. There was always the fear that the idiot in the errant BMW (that you just stuck your finger up at) would turn out to be your new boss, but this was always a chance…

Oh no he didn’t… Clarkson’s best antics

When we found out that the Beeb had decided to go ahead and let Jezza host Have I Got News For You, we were confused. Nutting someone over a minor beef (quite literally), clearly makes you unsuitable for the nation’s favourite car show yet totally suitable for a show that pokes fun at Ed Miliband.

Share your favourite driving road and win!

When you can’t appreciate a great piece of asphalt, there’s really not much point being on the road. Perhaps you take the long road to the supermarket to enjoy a really good stretch? Or maybe you’ve taken your other half on a romantic break purely because you know the roads are amazing in that part…

The Fast Show 2015 – Run What Ya Brung

As much as we love motorsport, we can’t help feeling it is elitist. A 2009 Astra just doesn’t have the same heritage as McLaren and track days tend to cost a fortune. That’s why the Fast Show’s ‘Run What Ya Brung’ is one of the most exciting events on the motoring calendar. It’s a celebration…

The Audi TT Roadster has a facelift

If we said the Audi TT was a hairdressers’ car would you hate us? Of course you wouldn’t because, like us, you know that it’s kinda true… yet you don’t care anyway.

2015 new cars: What’s getting your pulse racing?

With 2015 comes a number of lovely upgrades. The Kia Picanto is getting a makeover, the Audi TT convertible is getting slicker and the Golf GTE goes plug-in.

Read our Silverstone Rally Day review on the Motoring Events blog!

Now we’re not ones to brag, but you can’t beat a day out at Silverstone. And while we’re generally a little sceptical about those supercar ‘experiences’ (because they last 20 minutes) the Rally Days they offer are absolutely top notch.

Merry Christmas from Number 1 Plates

Well, 2014 has been quite a year. But it’s coming to a close and we’re itching to see 2015’s new motors!

Win M&S goodies in our Christmas competition!

As it’s the season of goodwill, we’ve decided that every customer should have the chance to win a great big treat on us! All you need to do is purchase your plates from us and we’ll automatically enter you, it’s that simple.

Car Paintwork Hacks

If you’ve almost been tempted to take your sleeve to a particularly toxic lump of Seagull crap that encrusted itself onto your beloved bonnet then we don’t judge. If you’ve ever walked an extra 500 yards to avoid parking under that sap-sticky tree then we understand that too. The car lovers amongst us have always…