Top Gun: Maverick. The Stand-Out Car

The Return of Maverick and Top Gun

Excitement plagued the air when it became common knowledge of a second Top Gun. The iconic and classic film, originally from the 80’s, is a household name. Whether you’ve actually ever watched it or not, you know the name! 

Was it the excitement of the film or Tom Cruise who made the film? Both. They released the second film earlier this year in cinemas, everybody felt a wave of nostalgia, as the film which had made its way into our hearts years ago, was back on the big screen. No spoilers here, but take a few tissues with you.

Through all eager Top Gun fans, a certain feeling of uncertainty arrived. Will the film live up to the first? Are they dragging it out? Will it be a ‘modern’ bag of crap? We can tell you now, nobody has agreed with those questions after watching it. A fantastic film, with references to the first but a fantastic modernisation.

TopGun Maverick Flying

The Stand-Out Car, Top Gun:

Although the film is quite literally all about fighter jets, planes and aircrafts… There was one special appearance which caught our attention. The 1973 Porsche 911S.

The car itself didn’t have an overly big role, its appearance certainly had an impact. Afterall, it wouldn’t be a good action film without a classic car – just look at James Bond!  We’ll get onto the car specifics in a short while, but for now let’s have a look at how it made its appearance in the film!


The 911S In Maverick:

The car was driven by ‘Penny’ – The love interest of Tom Cruise’s ‘Pete Mitchell’ (Maverick). Penny, who was played by Jennifer Connelly, proved herself as a confident and gorgeous bar-owner and mother. Which shows us why the creators chose for her to drive the 911S. A perfect match! Jennifer actually drove the car herself rather than using a stunt double, you can’t really blame her. A gorgeous car for the gorgeous actress! 

Fun fact for those who are eagle-eyed: We were actually introduced to the character of Penny in the first original film. Okay, she didn’t actually physically appear… however she was briefly mentioned. Do you remember when Maverick and Goose were getting shouted at by Stinger (at the beginning of the film), and he was recalling when he had given Maverick a telling off for being involved with “One admiral’s daughter”. To which Goose muttered “Penny Benjamin?” to Maverick… So only a very brief introduction, but still one! 


The 911S Itself:

The Porsche 911 S line is considered the top of all the Porsches for that era. The elegance and beauty of the car matched with its performance, is a marvel in itself. With regular appearances in movies and keeping that elegant, expensive, cliché, it’s no wonder that the creators of Top Gun Maverick chose the car to fit with Penny. And the film itself! 


1973 Porsche 911S

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