Hello and welcome to the Number 1 Plates blog!

Welcome to Number 1 Plates, the finest purveyors of beautiful novelty plates and replacement number plates on the web!

But don’t just take our word for it, with 15 years experience in the automotive industry, we know more than a thing or two about top-notch plates.

So please make yourself at home and feel free to join in the discussion as we talk anything and everything motoring related. 

We’ll be looking all the latest beauties to come off the production line (that’s lusting and mercilessly criticising), debating all the latest automotive innovations and having a right good snoop at the good (and bad) personalised number plates cruising our roads.

We’ll also be bringing you our unique take on the wheels we think are worth sharing, helping you save money on an expensive motoring habit and appreciating the great classics in all their glory.

We’ll be delivering you all of this and more in little pockets of social media entertainment too, so please get following on Facebook, Twitter!

Of course a plate company would be nothing if not on the motoring pulse, so we’ll be reporting on all the best motoring shows right here on the blog and giving you the chance to get your hands on those illusive tickets for free! That’s right; we’re not adverse to a suitably epic competition, so keep us in mind for your latest humble motoring blog.

We’re just like the Clarkson/May/Hammond force; but with much better dress sense.

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