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It is almost every Ford driver’s dream to find a number plate that is a perfect match for their car and personality. Our Ford number plates can do exactly However, the government has put in place rules and regulations to help control the rapidly growing need for customised plates. One prominent regulation pertaining that affects the provision of number plates is the 1903 Motor Car Act that requires the registration of all vehicles on the roads and the display of their number plates. Hence, to be on the right side of the law, you need to know which personalised plates you can acquire for your Ford.

Display of your Ford Registration Plates

To get your Ford registration plate, you should consult the DVLA or a registered number plate supplier in the United Kingdom. Apart from a unique numbering system, several rules relate to the display of Ford registration numbers. They include:

  • The front plate should consist of black characters on a white background
  • The back plate should have black characters on a yellow background
  • No patterns should be on the background
  • The plate should be made of a reflective and waterproof material
  • A standard font to help improve visibility

Where to get your Ford Number Plates

As a Ford driver, you can get your number plates from registered suppliers such as Number1Plates. We will deliver the plates to you according to your specifications and those of the law. As a registered supplier, we shall give you the right plate identification. It is important for Ford drivers to realise that having the correctly formatted registration plate is important as this will be used to identify your cars in case of emergencies such as theft and accidents. By having your registration plate, you will ensure that your Ford is always safe. Prices start at just £10.99!

Proving you can use your registration number

To prove that you are allowed to use the registration number you can send in either  your log book, new keeper slip, temporary registration certificate, electric number plate authorisation certificate or number plate authorisation certificate. Together with your identity document, you can provide these to show that you are eligible to receive a specific registration plate as per the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency.

Ford Plates

Why we qualify

As a supplier, Number1Plates is registered by the DVLA and adheres to the rules that pertain to the supply of private plate numbers. With an experience of over eight years, you can be sure that we are the perfect partner that will help you get the plate of your choice. We have come to be trusted as a reputable supplier of number plates.

At an affordable price, we will deliver to you a quality plate that suits your needs as a Ford owner. As such, you will not come across cases such as those of other suppliers failing to follow the rules.  We will ensure that your plate is manufactured when correctly so that criminals are not able to replicate your plates to commit offences. If you need to ask any further questions regarding your ford number plates, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ford Registrations

Now that offer over 50,000,000 private registrations, you can find the perfect match for you and your Ford. Simply head to one of our cherished number plates pages and search ‘FORD’. You will be served with thousands of potential results for you perusal.



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