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Aston Martin – Zagato



I know that the dust has begun to settle. Word has got around town and back. But, we are struggling to not delve into what has recently been announced about the collision between Aston Martin and Zagato, two new limited edition models. These models being the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Speedster and Shooting Brake.

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2017


As it does every year, anticipation is constantly on the rise as the Frankfurt Motor Show draws nearer. This huge event is a venue for the latest tech and new innovations to be showcased to the world. In some cases, its just a day for the world’s leading car manufacturers to show off and flex their muscles to visitors. The show opens it’s doors for 10 days from the 14th September this year, with the first two days being reserved as ‘trade days’ and the rest, open to the public. Continue reading

N1P Update

Number1Plate UPDATE
With the recent change in our social media presence comes a huge change in the way we run things at Number1Plates. A new website is to be launched in September, where we have worked closely with a design team to enhance the user experience. 

We want to continually improve as a company and make your time with us as good as it can possibly be, whether you’re here to read one of our blog posts or buying plates. Continue reading

Your guide to Silverstone Classic

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 14.25.40

The world’s biggest classic motor racing festival is here once again; a weekend packed full of incredible shows, world famous racing circuits and historic motor racing, featuring more than 10,000 classic cars over the weekend, including live music, air displays and a shopping village. Of course, like Goodwood Festival of Speed, it’s impossible to catch everything over the weekend and you’ll inevitably be missing out on something… so, we’ve rounded up the best bits of the weekend for you, so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Continue reading

Newly released cars for under £10,000

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When weighing up your options of new vs used cars, your budget is the most integral part of the decision-making process. The second argument to come up is; would it be better to spend your budget on a more upmarket, yet second-hand car or, brand new and slightly less reputable. As the new car market grows to be more and more competitive by the year, carmakers are racing to produce the best car to compete in this low price bracket market. Below, we explore the best cars on offer, that have been released this year and come under £10,000; you can now have that ‘new car smell’ without breaking the bank.

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All you need to know for Goodwood festival of speed


From Thursday 29th June – 2nd July, the famous annual Goodwood Festival of Speed will take place. A place where all motoring enthusiasts from across the globe flock to for a motor fuelled weekend of fun. Now, of course, with such a big event, comes the responsibility of getting organised to ensure that you witness the more spectacular events across the weekend. Continue reading

The best gifts for your car mad dad

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With Father’s day around the corner, it seems only right that we would put forward a list of some of the best gifts on offer this year for you to treat your dad to. Of course, it’s not always about the gift, but it certainly does add a nice gesture to the day of thanks! We’ve rounded up the best for the ‘car mad’ dad alongside some original gifts that will leave a smile on his face all day. Continue reading

The best cars for first time drivers


First time drivers; whether you’re just out of school and recently passed your test to whizz around without having to rely on your parents or you are late to the race and have finally got round to the dreaded test that you’ve avoided so much… now that you’ve passed, you need a car and a relatively cheap one at that. Continue reading

N1P Update..


With the recent change in our social media presence comes a huge change in the way we run things at .. Read More