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Considering a Classic?

vosy-vh3v2c-jg-photographyElectronic, aerodynamic, EcoBoost technology and LED lights; just a few of the common features for the mesmerising upcoming cars of 2017. With cars speeding into the realms of futuristic design, the motoring world has never been so exciting. However, many of us still hold a strong desire to regress back to the world of classic cars; works of art that still reign supreme in the car world, no matter the progression. Continue reading

A Christmas thank you

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As the year comes to an end, we are all preparing for the Christmas break. The enormity of food, celebrations and drinks are on the way. This year, we have had the pleasure of working with amazing customers, providing some fantastically fun novelty plates, alongside some beautifully vintage plates. Continue reading

The Best Road trips for 2017

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With 2017 just around the corner, now is the time to get planning for the year ahead and the many adventures you want to embark upon. Whether you want to simply plan a few weekend trips away to a UK town, or you want to drive halfway across Europe, we have picked our top road trips for 2017; offering you beautiful views and an adventure thrill.  Continue reading

A car mad Christmas: The gift guide.

It’s that time of year again; when you have to buy the best for your nearest and dearest. However, it’s easier said than done when it comes to buying for a car enthusiast. We are here to give you a run-down of the best gifts of 2016 that won’t break the bank, but that show a little more thought than your average air freshener (although we do love a good smelling car.)
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Preparing Your Car for Winter

We know it’s a few months away from the winter yet but if you have ever been stranded in the midst of winter you’ll know all too well, the importance of being prepared. Driving in cold, winter weather presents some of the most challenging driving conditions and breakdowns more than double in the winter months so we’re here to help you get your car prepared in plenty of time as well as sharing the best products to help you through the winter months.

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5 secret ways to cheaper car insurance

We all know car insurance can be an expensive (but essential) evil. Opt for an automatic renewal and your policy can leap up in price without you even realising, make a claim (even if it’s not your fault) and it can be even worse. Shopping around is one way to avoid facing stupid prices, but it isn’t fool-proof and certainly isn’t the only way to get your premium down. 

Read below for five secret ways to find cheaper car insurance. Try them out and see whether they work for you!

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Gadgets to Modernise an Older Car

Thanks to their shine and new car smell, brand new cars in the showroom are often hard to resist, especially when it comes down to their tech appeal. In car technology has grown so quickly over the last decade, even cars that are a few years old can be lacking when it comes to gadgets. However, unlike our smartphones, our cars don’t need to be updated every year to get a tech refresh – there are so many products on the market to bring almost any older car into the 21st century and we have 5 of the best here…
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Everything you need to know about The Grand Tour…so far

A couple of months ago, while names were still being decided, we trawled the internet to see what Hammond, May and Clarkson were earning in their new Amazon endeavour (see the piece here). A fair few dramas (and a main host dropping out of the original BBC show) later, we’ve got a lot more info and are getting excited about the upcoming spectacle.

From how to get tickets to when it all kicks off, here’s everything we’ve been able to find out so far about The Grand Tour so far. Know anything else? Let us know!
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Top Tips for Maintaining Car Health

You wouldn’t go as long as a year to get a haircut so why would you go a full year without checking your car in between services? Of course one of the most reassuring things about new cars are they need much less-frequent services to ensure they are running well however with increased service intervals often up between 15,000 and 20,000 miles, there are some checks you must do yourself to keep your car in good health for as long as possible.

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