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The best gifts for your car mad dad

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With Father’s day around the corner, it seems only right that we would put forward a list of some of the best gifts on offer this year for you to treat your dad to. Of course, it’s not always about the gift, but it certainly does add a nice gesture to the day of thanks! We’ve rounded up the best for the ‘car mad’ dad alongside some original gifts that will leave a smile on his face all day. Continue reading

The best cars for first time drivers


First time drivers; whether you’re just out of school and recently passed your test to whizz around without having to rely on your parents or you are late to the race and have finally got round to the dreaded test that you’ve avoided so much… now that you’ve passed, you need a car and a relatively cheap one at that. Continue reading

The best Summer drives across the UK.


The beautiful weather is yet to cease and we are adamant on making the most of the warmer months. So, of course, what better way to experience our beautiful island, other than to hop in your favourite car and explore the incredible scenes that are on offer. As you can imagine, Scotland has a lot to offer when it comes to summer driving; from winding roads through mountains to spectacular views of many lochs that the country holds. We’ve put together our most loved routes, so you can experience the wonders of our small island. Fingers crossed it isn’t raining; you may even get a chance to camp! Continue reading

The best gadgets to upgrade your car.


There were predictions of flying cars, flying trainers and all sorts of high-tech, futuristic gadgets for 2017; alas, we haven’t come quite as far we’d have hoped, but there are still some pretty incredible gadgets on the market for car and gadget fanatics. So, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch to bring you the must have car gadgets this year, getting you ready for the unexpected and the downright cool! Continue reading

Top tips for buying a used car.


Buying a used car can be a great way to save some much-needed cash, especially when looking at comparative prices for brand new cars. It can be your answer to a cheap and cheerful runaround or you could strike lucky and find the car of your dreams. However, it’s well known that there are many a wheeler-dealer around that will take advantage at any opportunity; so we’ve put together our top tips to get you through your first deal! Continue reading

Top tips to keep your car looking brand new


Any car, regardless of how beautifully built it is, will eventually dwindle in performance and looks if it’s somewhat ignored by its owner. With many cars being things of beauty, there is no place for error or mistreat. Often, car owners look towards their Sundays as being the day to dedicate to their precious motors, attending to both the interior and exterior of their cars to ensure it’s expertly cleaned and polished. But, it would seem that there are many that don’t know the best ways to uphold the quality of a car; so, we’ve pulled together our top tips to keep your car looking (almost) brand new. Continue reading

The Best Spring Vehicles


Driving in the warmer months is the best feeling for many car enthusiasts, whether there is a destination in mind or you’re simply driving, to drive. But, there is little point in driving in the warmer months if you’re not able to properly take in the smells, views and atmosphere of the Spring/Summer. With that in mind, we have trawled through our favourite cars to give you the top cars to take you through the long, bright and beautiful days ahead of us; take it as a perfect starting opportunity to plan your dream summer road trip… Continue reading

Car events of the year.


We are finally nearing a close on the winter months, with the summer looking more and more desirable by the day. Yearning for sun, blue skies and winding roads to break onto. With the warmer months soon to descend, car events are going to be the main focus for many; March to July will see a fully booked calendar for many like-minded car enthusiasts. We run through our top events set for 2017…it’s going to be a busy summer!. Continue reading

Top Gear: Take Two


When the original three departed from the BBC stage of top gear, the motoring world was up in arms about who could possibly replace the dynamic trio. The sheer rudeness, yet endearing nature of Clarkson, the wit and hilarity of May and the constant interjections from Hammond were to be sorely missed by millions of viewers. Continue reading