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Preparing your car for the colder months

jeffrey-wegrzyn-259697As we head into the colder months, we naturally start to prepare ourselves, our bodies and our homes to embrace the drop in temperature and face the cold with a hardened attitude. The gloves come out and the fire gets lit. They say that you can never be too prepared and this is all too true when it comes to prepping your motor for the months of minus temperatures. Continue reading

KAHN – Where from and where to?

A Kahn Collection - Bradford Branch

A Kahn Collection – Bradford Branch ©KahnDesign All rights reserved.

What many people around Bradford and Leeds know as KAHN Design, are only seeing the doorway to a much, much bigger picture. It has grown from just that into a world renowned, UK stretched business that showcases luxury car design, sales and manufacturing. Looking at the KAHN automobiles page, you get a taste of what the goals are, what they are wanting to achieve. They want to attract those who can enjoy the finer, more expensive things in life. And we went in to find our more. Continue reading

Autumnal drives across the UK

ilya-ilyukhin-128033With the passion for travel and new cultural experiences, the vast majority of residents in the UK tend to snuff their own back garden for far more exotic destinations when going on holiday comes to mind, but with the recent vote that made Scotland officially the world’s most beautiful country and England coming in at number 7, it’s time to reconsider your next mini break.

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 – Continued

BMWWe published an article a few weeks ago about the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show and looking back, it seems we may have jumped the gun, or laid the foundations for this one! A lot has happened over the past few weeks, with a host of manufactures teasing their latest releases and better yet, their concept creations. We love a concept car, I think everyone does, a possible sneak peak in to the future.

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MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept

Every car manufacturer wants to flex their muscle and show the world ‘look, if we wanted to, we could do this, on repeat’. But, it’s usually the sportier or more luxurious car makes that do this, making wild and futuristic concept cars to take to the worlds largest shows. This isn’t a solid rule though, it can be broken, and it has. Continue reading

The Car of 2040

smart vision EQ fortwo  smart vision EQ fortwo

Every day we hear news of a different manufacturer topping the last on their quest to the autonomous age. When that age comes, what will cars actually be like? Movies of the past that were based around our current time had flying cars and traffic lights in the sky, obviously we aren’t there (yet), but how will the world change with the transportation that keeps it turning?

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Porsche Cayenne 2018

With new cars being thrusted out the world over, the trend hasn’t passed Porsche without them getting involved. They recently unveiled the new Cayenne, their larger SUV. Upon first sight, it doesn’t look a great deal different to the model that it has been build to proceed. Continue reading

What can $4.5M Buy?

In light of the current marketing in the world of football, with players like Neymar selling for €220,000,000, and Everton midfielder Gylfi Siggurdson for £45,000,000, we take a look at the world most expensive cars. Truly trophy pieces, in terms of looks you may be surprised at what cars comes top of the list.

2017 Koenigsegg Regera - top car design rating and specifications

2017 Koenigsegg Regera – top car design rating and specifications

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Rivalling Apple CarPlay


As is the case in many areas of transforming technology, car manufacturers are now looking for ways to keep up with Apple’s new ‘Car Play’ compatibility. Apple Car Play allows you to seamlessly connect your phone to your in dash touchscreen and have access to all of the data you could need whilst driving, contacts, calls, music and even incoming text messages. Continue reading