’69’ Number Plates Released!

It’s no secret now that every 6 months, in the months of March and September, the age identifier of newly manufactured vehicle is updated to the next in line. The September the ’69’ number plates are released and you could get your hand on the latest date regs if you shop online now or purchase a new motor.

How do I get a ’69’ plate vehicle?

Naturally, it’s hard to not be jealous of those that drive around in the latest models and sporting the newest dated registration plates. And with the DVLA ruling that you are unable to put a private registration on your vehicle that makes it look newer than its manufacture date, you can’t go down that route either.

There is hope though, as some of these people may wind up parading around with a plate from the latest collection of slightly naughty number plates. The bi-annually released registrations are examined by officials that pick out and ‘ban’ potentially offensive plates.

But some creative individuals have found some that have slipped through the net.

Which ’69’ number plates are banned?

Among some of the most potential misconstrued plates this term are:

BJ69 HED         ME69 PSE

ME69 LOL         ME69 GAG

LV 69 JZZ           BG 69 WLY



'69' number plates

If you are one of those that is expecting a new vehicle imminently, then why not use our number plate maker to create your own personalised number plates. It’s important to keep up to date on the latest styles, especially if you are spending a great deal on the new car on your drive.

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