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There’s a reason that you are here. You are probably thinking about buying yourself or a loved one private number plates. And why not! They are an amazing way to set your car apart and give it that luxury appeal. We can provide you with a private reg in a whole host of formats and combinations.

Naturally, your vehicle is issues with a standard registration upon manufacture. These hold no value other than being away to differentiate between your vehicle and another. So it comes as no surprise that you would come to us in search of something tailored to you. With over 50,000,000 different private plates to choose from, there’s something for every want or need.

Different Types of Private Registrations

Cherished (dateless) – This format ran from 1903 right up until 1963. The first one to three characters were the regional identifiers. They are then followed by a space and one to for digit numbers. This layout was reversed too extend the lifespan of the dateless format.
Suffix – When all of the dateless combinations had been used it was the turn of the suffix registrations. These consist of three characters, a space, one to three number and finally another character. The final character in the reg is the age identifier. This format was used from 1963 until 1983
Prefix – Following the suffix plates from 1983 to 2001 were prefix registrations. This time the age identifier comes first, followed by one to three numbers. After a space there is then three more character.
Current – and finally, since 2001 we have seen the current format of number plates being used right up until the present day.

All of these different private number plate formats can be search through and purchased directly through Number 1 Plates.

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