Everything you Need to Know About Green Number Plates

Customers frequently ask us ‘what are the green registration plates we see?’ and ‘is everybody able to have a green stripe on number plate on their car?’. We know the world of number plates can be a little confusing at times so we thought we’d provide you with the ‘hub’ of green registration plates, with everything you will need to know!

The DVLA first introduced these style of plates in December 2020, the green number plate came about to easily identify zero-emission vehicles – of which we are already seeing hundreds of day-to-day. But, what are they, why do you need them and should you get one? Let’s get to it!

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What are the green number plates?

The green number plates UK – and in other countries too actually – are displayed just like all other registration plates are, the only noticeable difference is that there is a thick green stripe on the side of them. The rest of the plate is still yellow and white!

What is the green number plate for? 

Introduced in 2020 as part of the ‘Road To Zero Emissions’ Government pledge, the EV number plates were designed to easily identify all-electric vehicles. This was to try and remind other drivers and try to raise awareness of the switch to environmentally-friendly vehicles. Also to try and push drivers and people into joining the eco-push.

Can anyone get an ‘electric car number plate’?

No, not everybody can purchase a green plate. Your vehicle has to be fully zero-emission. These include fully electric vehicles. Whether it’s a car, van, motorcycle or another. Unfortunately hybrids, plug-in-hybrids or low-emission fuelled vehicles do not count. You will most likely know what type of power your vehicle uses, yet if you don’t then you can always check with the manufacturer or the source where you bought/leased the vehicle from.

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Are there any benefits to the green number plates?

Apart from the obvious benefit of doing your part for the environment, local authorities are looking into plans to provide owners of the green plates with added benefits, such as; free entry into clean air zones, cheaper parking and the use of some bus lanes. Although some places implement them, most don’t – so maybe hold off on those bus lanes until more information releases.

Are the green registration plates compulsory for electric vehicles?

The plates are not compulsory, especially as some areas are equipped with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), however we would still highly recommend that you do puit the green plates on as not all areas (such as parking lots) have these. Plus, they really do look great and stand out from the crowd!

Are the green number plates UK only?

Our customers ask this question frequently… and the answer is no. As well as the UK, all of Canada, China, Hungary and Norway have also implemented similar schemes and interestingly found that the use of green plates resulted in an increase in electric car sales themselves! Impressive!

So where can I purchase these electric registration plates?

Right here! Look no further. Our green number plates can be ordered online or in-store. You will need your V5C logbook for proof of ownership. We will check that the ‘ZEV’ box has a check in box location P3 on the V5C. Once we complete this, we will manufacture your green plates and send them out the same day!


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With environmentally-friendly awareness, involvement and pushes increasing by the day, we thought that we’d create a ‘hub’ for just a small part of it – electric vehicles and everything that comes with it! Here we will post all things electric, from information tips + tricks to reviews and awesome infographics!

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