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What are Range Rover Number Plates?

Range Rover number plates, along with other larger cars and SUVs, are shaped number plates that fit the large recess at the rear of your vehicle. This means that we have had to create custom shaped number plates for your Range Rover that fit the contours of the rear.

The front number plate will remain a standard UK car shape. The change in shape doesn’t mean that you are restricted in the design of your bespoke plates though, you can still add badges, borders and other texts styles to your range rover number plates order!

Why buy your Range Rover Number Plates from us?

If you drive one of these luxurious cars then it is important to make sure that your are making the most of your registration plates. Our Range Rover Number Plates are laser cut to ensure a perfect finish is guaranteed every time. Great plates to match your amazing car.

  • Custom and replacement plates for your off-roader. Our Land Rover number plates and Range Rover number plates are ideal for owners looking to replace existing number plates or add their own DVLA personalised registration to their 4×4.
  • Our plate builder proves particularly popular with customers looking to convert their private DVLA registrations to larger Land Rover or Range Rover style plates. For regular off-road enthusiasts, we also specialise in incredibly fast turn-around times – ideal for quickly replacing plates cracked during 4×4 activities.
  • We can additionally provide novelty plates in Land Rover/ Range Rover specific sizes for show/dealership models. Please use our plate builder or contact us to find out about single and bulk orders.
  • As with all of our number plates, any orders placed before 1pm are dispatched on the very same day, so get in touch with Number 1 Plates today if you are looking to buy Land Rover number plates.


Range Rover Number Plates

Range Rover Number Plates

What’s new from Number 1 Plates?

As always we are looking to revamp our product listings and give you even more options to choose from for your Range Rover registration plates. With prices starting at just £18.98, we have updated our model specific plates for these vehicles. The vehicle manufacturing industry is always moving forward, and we have to keep up. That’s why we are proud to say we are the only number plate manufacture company to laser cut their own bespoke shapes and sizes.


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